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We will be at the ISUS, Lausanne, Switzerland / 28 - 30 November 2018

Femto Easy is a sponsor of the International Symposium on Ultrafast Science. We will be pleased to meet you there !

We will be at ECONOS 2019, Rouen, France / 7 - 10 April 2019

Femto Easy will be present at the European Conference On Non-linear Optical Spectroscopy conference. Please come and visit us !

We will be at BIOS and Photonics West 2019, San Francisco, California / 2 - 7 February 2019

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A new standard in ultrafast laser measurements

Femto Easy is a company specialized in ultrafast metrology. Our company is a spin-off from the CELIA laboratory in Bordeaux, France, which has a strong expertise in the production and characterization of high energy ultrashort pulses. We provide robust and reliable measurement devices for ultrafast lasers, already used in some state of the art laboratories.

Our current product-line includes a single shot autocorrelator, capable of measuring few cycle pulses with interferometric resolution, and an innovative SHG single shot FROG. Both are suitable for several wavelength ranges (from UV to mid-IR) and several pulse durations, down to 5 fs. We also develop a innovative compact spectrometer and beam profilers.

Beside their intrinsic technical performances, our products are very easy to use, compact, portable and versatile, which make them the ideal tools for customer services. The products are associated with a high quality user-friendly software which contributes to make them easy and pleasant to use. We also make vacuum compatible measurement devices and custom products upon request and we provide our expertise on ultrafast metrology.

Reasons to use Femto Easy products

Very easy to use
Our 2 major products can be installed in only 2 minutes with no necessary calibration. It comes in an ultra compact (55x56x195mm) package for the long pulse model and a 55x56x265mm package for the fs one.
High level of accuracy
Our autocorrelator provides single shot measurements up to 80 kHz and down to 5 femtosecond pulses while our achromatic and non-dispersive single shot FROG can go down under 5 femtosecond pulses.
Intuitive, powerful companion software
The companion Femto Easy software can run either on Linux or Windows. It is heavily optimized and specifically designed from the ground up to provide accurate control and readings of the Femto Easy products.

Product line

Ultracompact autocorrelator
ROC stands for Row Optical Correlator.
The ROC autocorrelators are ultra compact and robust single shot autocorrelators. As the name implies, they are designed specifically to be ultra easy to use and to align onto the laser beam. They cannot be misaligned, there is no need for calibration or tweaking and they are easily transportable. And yes, they are rock-solid!
Besides those advantages, the ROC autocorrelators provide excellent technical performances and highly accurate measurements.
The ROC autocorrelators are available for several wavelength and several pulse duration.
FROG with real time phase retrieval
The Femto Easy Fast FROG product line provides reliable and compact single shot FROG based on second harmonic generation. Key design features such as the wavefront division technique and the mini imaging spectrometer make the Fast Frog very easy to use and provide a high level of accuracy. Six models are available to cover a broad spectral range and a broad pulse duration range from sub-5 fs pulse to 5 ps.
Autocorrelator with phase retrieval
BOAR stands for Bimirror based Optical Autocorrelation with Retrieval.
This new technique of ultrashort pulses characterization relies on interferometric single shot autocorrelation and two photon absorption. The time delay is encoded into a spatial interferogram which is used to evaluate the pulse duration, the 2ω spectrum and the chirp. There is no non-linear crystal and no phase matching issues, the spectral working range is therefore very broad (1200 - 2400 nm).
The BOAR is actually combining all the advantages : simple, extremely robust, accurate and reliable measurements, spatially resolved, suitable for rather chirped pulses and the retrieval is done in real time directly by Fourier transformation. Two models are available for two different temporal windows.
Compact imaging spectrometer
MISS stands for Mini Imaging Spatial Spectrometer. This innovative spectrometer provides the same information as a spectrograph in a tiny footprint. The measured spectrum is spatially resolved along the incident beam diameter. The acquisition can be single shot up to 40 kHz. Thanks to its compact design, the MISS is easily integrable at different stages of amplified laser systems. It can be used in free space mode to take benefit of the spatial resolution, or with a fiber input, like a regular spectrometer.
Beam profiler
The Femto Easy BeamPro takes advantage of our user friendly software, and provides thorough analysis and statistics of your laser beam. The BeamPro software uses standard communication protocols. It is therefore easily integrable in more complex environments. Severals BeamPro can be controlled from a remote screen through networks. They are suitable for wavelength from 190 to 1100 nm and beams as large as 11 mm. There are also high resolution models with pixels as small as 2.2 µm for focusing beams measurement.