Femto Easy won the bronze photon at Photoniques's innovation showcase 2016!

At the occasion of the SFO congress that took place from the 4th of July to the 7th July 2016 in Bordeaux, France, Photoniques, a french bimensual journal dedicated to optical solutions, organized the innovation showcase 2016. In this contest, five companies related to Optics and Photonics has been selected to compete for their innovative products. At the end of the contest Femto Easy got the third place, awarded by a bronze photon, for the ROC autocorrelators.
We are very proud of this award, the first one Femto Easy won within only few months of existence, and it gives us an extra motivation to work hard on new products, and get other awards in the future!

A new standard in ultrafast laser measurements

Femto Easy is a company specialized in ultrafast metrology. Our company is a spin-off from the CELIA laboratory in Bordeaux, France, which has a strong expertise in the production and characterization of high energy ultrashort pulses. We provide robust and reliable measurement devices for ultrafast lasers, already used in some state of the art laboratories.

Our current product-line includes a single shot autocorrelator, capable of measuring few cycle pulses with interferometric resolution, and an innovative SHG single shot FROG. Both are suitable for several wavelength ranges (from UV to mid-IR) and several pulse durations, down to 5 fs.

Beside their intrinsic technical performances, our products are very easy to use, compact, portable and versatile, which make them the ideal tools for customer services. The products are associated with a high quality user-friendly software which contributes to make them easy and pleasant to use. We also make vacuum compatible measurement devices and custom products upon request and we provide our expertise on ultrafast metrology.

Reasons to use Femto Easy products

Very easy to use

Our 2 major products can be installed in only 2 minutes with no necessary calibration. It comes in an ultra compact (50x50x150mm) package for the long pulse model and a 50x50x250mm package for the fs one.

High level of accuracy

Our autocorrelator provides single shot measurements up to 125 kHz and down to 5 femtosecond pulses while our achromatic and non-dispersive single shot FROG can go down under 5 femtosecond pulses.

Intuitive, powerful companion software

The companion Femto Easy software can run either on Linux or Windows. It is heavily optimized and specifically designed from the ground up to provide accurate control and readings of the Femto Easy products.

Current products

ROCs Autocorrelators

ROC stands for Row Optical Correlator.
The ROCs autocorrelators are ultra compact and robust single shot autocorrelators. As the name implies, they are designed specifically to be ultra easy to use and to align onto the laser beam. They cannot be misaligned, there is no need for calibration or tweaking and they are easily transportable. And yes, they are rock-solid!
Besides those advantages, the ROCs autocorrelators provide excellent technical performances and highly accurate measurements.
The ROCs autocorrelators are available for several wavelength and several pulse duration.
  • Extreme ease of use
  • High level of accuracy
  • Only 2 minutes to install and start measuring!
  • No calibration necessary
  • Down to 5 femtoseconds
  • Single shot measurements up to 125 kHz
  • Broad spectral range (450-2000 nm for the broadband model)
  • Ultra compact: 50x50x250mm for short pulse model, 50x50x180mmm for long pulse model
Software interface
The Femto Easy software has been designed to be user friendly and intuitive. This is a modern software compatible with touchscreen that can run either on Linux or Windows. It allows distant control of the devices via PCs, tablets or smartphones. We can also provide custom software developments upon request.
The image is a screenshot of the current version of the autocorrelator software interface.
Measurement of few cycle pulses
This is an autocorrelation measurement sample of ultrashort pulse that has been performed in Politecnico di Milano with our short pulse model autocorrelator ROC FC-700.
On the top, the raw image of the spatially resolved autocorrelation trace.
At the buttom, the analysed autocorrelation trace integrated over the spatial coordinate. The experimental data (in red) are fitted by a Gaussian function (in blue). The full width at half maximum of the autocorrelation trace is 8.3 fs. The corresponding Gaussian pulse duration is 5.9 fs.
Measurement of low energy pulses
This measurement has been performed on a femtosecond Ti:Sapph oscillator at LCAR with a ROC FC-400 autocorrelator.
The average power used for the measurement was with only 20 mW at 62 MHz repetition rate. It means that in this conditions 0.3 nJ per pulse was enough to get a clean measurement. At the buttom, the raw image of the spatially resolved autocorrelation trace.
On the top, the analysed autocorrelation trace integrated over the spatial coordinate. The experimental data (in blue) are fitted by a Gaussian function (in red). The full width at half maximum of the autocorrelation trace is 30.4 fs for a Gaussian pulse duration of 21.5 fs.


The Femto Easy Fast Frog product line provides reliable and compact single shot FROGs based on second harmonic generation. Key design features such as the wavefront division technique and the mini imaging spectrometer make the Fast Frog very easy to use and provide a high level of accuracy. Six models will be available to cover a broad spectral range and a broad pulse duration range from sub-5 fs pulse to 5 ps.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • High level of accuracy
  • Real time phase retrieval
  • Achromatic and non-dispersive for the few cycle model
  • No calibration and no tweaking necessary
  • Sub-5 fs pulses
  • Single shot up to 125 kHz
  • Broad spectral range (450-2000 nm)
  • The only real single shot FROGs on the market