The Femto Easy Fast FROG product line provides reliable and compact single shot FROG based on second harmonic generation. Key design features such as the wavefront division technique and the mini imaging spectrometer make the Fast Frog very easy to use and provide a high level of accuracy. Six models are available to cover a broad spectral range and a broad pulse duration range from sub-5 fs pulse to 5 ps.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • High level of accuracy
  • Real time phase retrieval
  • Achromatic and non-dispersive for the few cycle model
  • No calibration and no tweaking necessary
  • Sub-5 fs pulses
  • Single shot up to 80 kHz
  • Broad spectral range (450-2000 nm)

Software interface

Furthermore it is very user friendly, the Fast FROG software comes with an optimized retrieval algorithm, that allows you to retrieve time and spectral informations in real time.
The image is a screenshot of the FROG software interface.

GigaHertz / low energy (pJ) measurement sample

FROG SEAM modelocked measurement example: 1.78 GHz rep. rate, 28 pJ per pulse, 50 mW avg. power
This is a FROG measurement performed with Fast FROG PS-700 with a low energy option and small beam option.
The measured laser was a SESAM modelocked VECSEL developed at ETH Zurich1, assembled, amplified and CEO stabilized at the University of Neuchatel2.
This was the very first measurement of a GHz rep. rate Laser with a single shot device.

Multi shot FROG

We also provide multi shot FROG for long pulses or low energy pulses.

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